Soil Sampling Equipment

Soil Sampling Equipment

Hand auger equipment is extremely suitable for soil research.  As almost any type of soil sets its own demands, where it concerns the model of the auger to be applied.

In the course of the years many models have been developed. Years of experience and many contacts with soil researchers at home and abroad made it possible to achieve the optimum design for various types.

Euro design/ Dutch design augers


This type of soil auger is by far the most used auger. The typical design of the Euro design auger allows for a minimum of friction during penetration into the soil, and the extraction of the auger from the soil, which means less physical effort.


Soil Auger, Euro design, 7cm dia. 1 metre long, with handle

Soil Auger, Euro design, 10cm dia. 1 metre long, with handle

Spiral auger

The spiral auger operates similar to a corkscrew and does not cut off the soil. The auger is usually applied when hard layers need to be penetrated. The spiral auger has a negative end, i.e. the centre of the auger end is whetted away.


Soil Auger, Screw type, one metre long with handle

Size: 2.5cm dia / 3.7cm dia / 5.0cm dia

Gouge auger

The gouge auger can be used for sampling with a minimal disturbance of more or less soft, cohesive layers e.g. wet clay, peat.

Piston sampler

The piston sampler differs completely in design and application from the augers described before and is very suitable for sampling less cohesive soil layers (sand) below the groundwater table. The piston sampler is also suitable for sampling sediments with a sand content.


Tube Auger

This bi-partite gouge auger distinguishes itself from other gouges by the cylindrical tapered cutting head at the bottom side of the gouge that, when the auger is pushed into the soil, cuts a cylinder shaped piece from the soil. As a result the auger does not need to be revolved around its axis after being inserted, as the other gouge augers need to be (less sensitive to torsion).


The tapered cutting head also holds the sample better. For this auger roughly the same applications apply as for the ordinary steel gouge augers.


Soil Auger, Tube type, 2.5cm dia, 40cm long with 30cm vertical slit complete with handle.

Nylon headed shock absorbing hammer

Riverside Auger

This design is very suitable for augerings in hard, stiff soils, mixed with fine gravel both above and below the ground water level. The very sharp extremities of the auger bits point at an angle downwards. This design makes the auger go through the soil easily.


Bailer Sampler

The stainless steel bailer samplers have been developed to sample still water (or other fluids) at any required depth. The bailer sampler consists of a stainless steel tube, open at the top-end and fitted with an unscrewable cap at the bottom. A one way valve is fitted at the bottom.


As soon as the water sampler is lowered it can be lifted again. To assure a proper replacement of the

contents during the lowering, the sampler is lifted half a meter several times.

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