Undisturbed Soil Sampling

The physical properties of soils are largely determined in the laboratory. Such laboratory studies usually require undisturbed soil samples, preferably with uniform dimensions. To meet these needs, soil  samples are taken in rings of known volume and diameter. For the collection of undisturbed soil samples in soil sample rings, various sampling sets have been developed.

SS Soil core Sampler

Soil Core Sampler for taking undisturbed soil samples in stainless steel soil sample rings 60mm dia, 100cc internal volume, complete with ten stainless steel soil sampling rings with end caps, and one nylon headed shock-absorbing hammer.

Brass Soil core Sampler

Soil Core Sampler, supplied complete with hammer, provided with brass soil sampling rings (User specified dimensions).

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Soil column cylinder auger

The soil column cylinder auger has been developed to take undisturbed soil samples. This allows a fast insight in the build-up of the soil profile, the possibilities for a root system, etc. The more insight in these matters, the more effective fertilization and treatment of the soil can be done.

Applying this system it is possible to take undisturbed samples with a length of 100 cm and a diameter of 90 mm, without digging a profile pit. The soil column cylinder auger is hammered into the soil applying a gasoline driven mechanical hammer (on special request an electrical driven hammer). The cylinder has a removable side cover, among other things, for checking and/or for sub-sampling of the soil column.

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